Refresher Safety Courses

Refresher Safety Courses are available and currently funded until 31 March 2018.  

To improve the safety of fishermen working on UK-registered commercial fishing vessels, Seafish has secured funding totalling £1.1m from the European Fisheries Fund, Seafish, Department for Transport, Seafarers UK, Trinity House and Scottish Fishermen’s Trust for delivery of free refresher training to experienced fishermen who completed their mandatory basic safety courses more than three years ago.

Refresher courses cover first aid, fire fighting, sea survival and the new revised Safety Awareness and Managing Safety at Sea.

Eligibility Criteria - To be eligible for funded fishermen’s safety refresher training applicants must:

  • be aged 18 or above
  • be currently working (or having previously worked) on a UK-registered commercial fishing vessel
  • have completed all four mandatory basic safety training courses required of experienced fishermen (sea survival, first aid, fire fighting and safety awareness) – ATPs must check in advance of training that Seafish has records of these on its database; ATPs must take photocopies of any non-Seafish certificates and send them to Seafish for checking and verification
  • have last completed the courses they wish to re-attend more than three years ago
  • be able to provide a valid National Insurance number for work in the UK