Offshore Renewable Energy

The company is an STCW95 approved centre and we can deliver STCW95 training courses in:

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Whitby Fishing School aims to offer these courses (and others upon request) to individuals who are interested in STCW95 training and to companies who will become or are already involved within the offshore industry who require staff to be trained.

Our company's aim is to provide high quality training to those seafarers who wish to become part of the offshore wind support chain. We wish to encourage key players to utilise the facilities both in our training centre and within the harbour.

Offshore wind provides the opportunity to play a major role in delivering carbon reduction in line with Government targets capitalizing on excellent wind resource off the North Yorkshire Coast. It has the potential to be a massive growth industry to supply and service the required infrastructure.

It is not without challenges in terms of costs, weather and logistics.

The enterprise will inevitably require a very significant number of vessel movements associated with the installation of turbines, including the establishment of foundations, platform and array cables. However, there is a major need for operation and maintenance support including towage, commissioning, guard vessels and security, transfer of crew to installation platforms and servicing and maintenance of both the turbines and the craft that support the industry.

Development of the offshore wind industry is taking place in three phases. Phases 2 and 3 directly impact upon and offer opportunities for coastal communities and new or experienced seafarers wishing to work within this industry.

Construction of Westermost Rough - a phase 2 project only 8 kms off the east coast of Yorkshire - begun in 2011 by Dong Energy is now operational.

The tenders for development of the third round were let in January 2010. The third round includes Dogger Bank and Hornsea. Round 3 offshore wind energy generation aims to deliver a quarter of the UK electricity needs by 2020.

The Dogger Bank zone is located off the east Yorkshire coast 134 kilometres offshore and less than 3 hours steaming from Whitby (at 25 knots). It extends over an area approximately equivalent in size of North Yorkshire.

It is the largest zone in Round 3 and is believed to be capable of delivering around 10 per cent of the total projected UK electricity requirements.

Consequently once developed it is likely to be the world's largest offshore wind project offers a wide variety of opportunities for employment within the operations, maintenance and support disciplines.